Hexr Helmets



We reached out to Hexr (then Hexo Helmets) after seeing their development on instagram. Hexr have developed a unique hexagonal structure, that proved 26% safer than traditional foam helmets in testing. It’s incredibly thermally efficient and has excellent aerodynamic properties. The result of many years prototyping and testing before finally being brought to market in summer 2019.

What’s more, each helmet is made from a sustainable, recyclable, 3d printed material, derived from the humble castor bean. To get one, you first recieve a 3D head scanning tool. In seconds a highly detailed head scan is generated and the data sent for printing.
Each helmet is uniquely individual.

We met to discuss how motion could communicate some key benefits of the helmet, then moved on to produce a series of animations that tackle; safety, fit, aerodyamics and comfort.


Unique challenges

With so much to communicate, the challenge on this project was how to make the visuals work in a minimal and efficient way. We went through several weeks of iterations to achieve the streamlined look.


Testing, Testing.

Initially, we concepted a test environment to house all the different scenarios the helmet would face.
Many iterations were tried, in the end the concept was shelved because a clean environment afforded us much greater visual clarity. Allowing the viewer to focus only on the important aspects.