FEARS Watch company

Fears Watch Company - Brunswick Launch

October 2019

We reached out to Fears Watches after seeing their story on Instagram. The company, now run by 4th Managing Director and great great grandson of Fears’ founder, Edwin, is one of Britain’s oldest watch makers.

Fears has deep roots in Bristol. Their first office was just round the corner from us on Redcliff street. They later built a showroom at No. 4 Bristol Bridge, where Runway East Bristol now stands.

So we were delighted when we got the chance to work on their latest watch launch.
The Brief was to do something simple, elegant and that reflected the Fears’ brand through motion. Also, the new dial being produced for this watch was important. We would need to show some of the processes used to craft it.

We couldn’t show any hands, desks, paper, drawings. Everything needed to be magical, effortless, uncluttered.
After going through storyboarding and pre-viz, the look development phase threw up some interesting possibilities.

We could use dense waves of particles to show the sand-blasting. Cutting into brass and sraping away layers of metal would work a similar way. On a narrow Depth of field, the brighter particles would bokeh up to fill the screen.

A few weeks in production, and we had the final result. Ready to go live to the watch trade and later to the world.

fears_brunswick_lookdev_v004 - Copy.png
Fears-Brunswick_Animatic_Previs_V002 (Audio2) (00464).png