Dyson Feature



New product Development

We’ve been working with Global tech brand Dyson, since late 2017. Initially contracted to produce animations for social, we quickly proved that much more could be delivered. Since then we’ve had the pleasure of working on many major launches for the company. Either full CG or VFX production to support campaigns. Our work has been seen online, in Dyson Demo Stores, on socials, broadcast television and in theatres worldwide.

working with large teams

There were significant obstacles in delivering for each new Dyson campaign. It’s testament to the flexibility and ingenuity of our people, that we’ve risen to the challenge every time. Going way beyond the initial scope of our work together.
Delivering at speed and working with multiple stakeholders is no easy feat. To tackle the issues, we brought in new talent to structure the production process and over time many other items had to be addressed.

We brought in 10gb file transfer to all workstations, making file sizes much more manageable. Redundant storage with offsite backup to mitigate file loss from a critical incident. More GPU processors per machine, more power for each individual artist. Render queue management, version control, intelligent feedback solutions, more licenses, plugins, render engines..the list goes on!


Alive with technology

The creative vision often focused on the hidden processes inside every product. With CAD as a starting point, artists re-imagined cities full of pulsing electricity.


Look Development

As part of every project we undertake a period of ‘look development’. On all of these projects, we are supplied with a brief and even CAD models of the product. The images above and below show just how much there is to do, and how much extra can be added that doesn’t appear on a CAD file and may not be covered by the brief. We explore many options in partnership with the creatives, often we discover options that weren’t apparent during planning.

Some of the visuals we have crafted together have become firm favourites, you can see them re-used many times across the brand.


Growing with every project.

Much of the work required stepping out of our collective comfort zone. Investing resources into new production methods and the processing power to iterate faster and simulate more complex visuals.

the finished work

Once the launch is over, the animations go on being used. Website features, social content and even live in Dyson Demo stores.